The Sales Development Podcast

Episode 83: Carolyn Betts

Sales Development prepares you for a myriad of career choices.

If you can organize your own day, hold yourself accountable, cold call strangers and stay on track to quota, you can thrive in many, many circumstances.

Most people want to get in to full-cycle Sales, but some go with other paths, including entrepreneurship.

That was the path of @Carolyn Betts with @Betts Recruiting.

Seeing a need in the marketplace, she took the plunge a few years ago and has built up a thriving business and loyal following as one of the top agencies for recruiting SDRs, AEs and Sales Leadership roles.

Listen as we dig in to how she accomplished moving from Employee to Entrepreneur using sales skills, hustle and goal orientation.

Very inspiring and full of actionable takeaways.

Big thanks to @Darryl Praill of @VanillaSoft for making this podcast possible. Check out their new Sales Engagement solutions.…

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