There are many moving parts to any Sales Development operation, and adding a large number of SDRs, Managers and a global reach to the mix makes it even more complicated and difficult to execute.

Chris Castaldini has it covered, and he goes into depth on how he does it on this week’s podcast. This is a must for anyone looking to expand their program and/or career.

With an MBA from Santa Clara, deep experience running large SDR programs while also acting as an Advisor to SV Academy, he is plugged in and on point.

For this episode, we visited the Optimizely office and interviewed Chris live, which as a great experience we want to more of in the in future.

Listen in to this one! Big thanks to Darryl Praill of VanillaSoft for making this podcast possible. Check out their new Sales Engagement solutions here……

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In this episode, David introduces Chris Castaldini to the show. Chris is the Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely, a platform that enables businesses to experiment deeply into their technology stack and broadly across the entire customer experience. Listen as Chris walks us through his experience getting into sales, the importance of leading your employees, and what it takes to run a global sales development team.

3 Key Points:

  1. Go for what makes you happy and what you see in yourself.
  2. Never make decisions based on ego.
  3. It’s important to make your employees feel supported in whatever role they may be in.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 00:59 – David welcomes Chris
  • 01:38 – Chris has been in the sales development field for 6 years now
    • He got into sales development just by chance
  • 03:00 – Chris shares about his work in Optimizely for the past 1.5 years
    • The process of getting into his role was hard, intense, and time-consuming
  • 06:09 – Chris shares about a sales development role at Amazon he got interviewed for
  • 10:12 – Go for what makes you happy and what you see yourself in
  • 12:56 – If you feel you’re not in the right path, try to figure out what you don’t like
    • Assess if the role or the company is influencing your experience
  • 15:26 – Salespeople are ambitious, driven people
  • 17:04 – Making decisions based on ego can destroy you
  • 19:03 – Engage with leads & close deals! Go to VanillaSoft and start your free trial
  • 20:57 – Stop being impatient and focus on what you do are two pieces of advice from Chris
  • 22:38 – Chris shares about Optimizely’s career flight plan for their employees
  • 23:57 – The gap between sales development and sales is widening
  • 25:49 – An effective tactic to make employees feel supported
    • Get the future leader bought in to the individual they’ll be working with
    • Invest in your employees
  • 27:16 – “We encourage any path”
  • 28:12 – The biggest mistake Chris sees is SDRs getting complacent in their role
    • People that have been successful consistently are people who look back and are constantly iterating
  • 31:19 – David struggles on how to get people care about the buyer
  • 32:03 – If someone genuinely doesn’t care, a career in sales is probably not a fit
    • “It’s important to be very passionate about what you do”
  • 35:30 – Optimizely don’t host formal meetings, they “set the TONE (Targets, Objectives, New, and Execution)” every week
  • 37:42 – Chris talks about what he’s excited about for himself and Optimizely
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