Jake Dunlap has built his career on continuous learning and honing his craft as a Sales professional.

In a just a few years, he’s built the Sales and Marketing Consulting powerhouse Skaled, as well as built a personal brand by focusing on the unique needs of the Sales and Marketing community.

Tune in this week to understand how Jake has achieved this success, and how he’s built his personal brand based on authenticity and an openness to helping people.

Bonus: learn what Jake talked about in his conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk.

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In this episode, David welcomes Jake Dunlap to the show. Jake is the CEO of Skaled, a modern sales-consulting firm that helps startup and established companies scale more efficiently. Listen as Jake talks about why building your personal brand as an SDR is important, how to do it, and a plethora of tips on how to make your social media efforts effective.
3 Key Points:

  1. The more content you give, the more value that comes back.
  2. Blogs, webinars, and ebooks should be used to delight and help customers, not as lead gen tools.
  3. The key is consistency — social is not about perfection, you just have to be consistently posting.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

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  • 01:36 – David introduces Jake
  • 02:54 – Jake was born in the midwest and took telemarketing in college
    • He landed a job at CareerBuilder and was able to grow as a salesperson there
    • CareerBuilder helped Jake understand the “process and science” behind sales
    • He then later moved to GlassDoor as Vice President of Sales
    • He founded Skaled over 5 years ago and is moving through the journey
  • 05:37 – Skaled is composed of experts who transform companies and take them where they should be
    • Jake talks about sales technology and their way of scaling companies
    • “We’ve done more sales technology-specific implementations and overhauls more than any company outside of Salesforce”
    • Early in 2015, Jake knew that sales engagement would be a huge space
    • “I know it’s tough and I know it’s challenging but there is no choice”
  • 08:12 – “Marketing went through the same evolution”
    • It’s just history repeating itself for sales
  • 09:58 – Jake walks us through his beginnings
    • It was in May 2018 when Jake started to look at engagement and metrics
    • They learned that people want “bite-sized” information
    • No matter how great the content is, if nobody sees/reads it, who cares?
    • The engagement started when Jake made himself and his business two different entities
  • 13:18 – Important note: What’s happening in B2C, it’s happening in B2B — it just takes time
    • Investing heavily in marketing even though there is no direct ROI measure works for Skaled
    • Aim for the longer business value
  • 16:49 – Jake thinks every SDR should be building their brand
    • Jake mentions about Morgan Ingram
    • Your brand can be malleable — if you’re in sales, marketing, or tech, talk about those things
    • Your profile should reflect who you are
  • 21:10 – David shares about the missing link: SDRs taking jobs without really caring for the buyer
  • 24:44 – Engage with leads & close deals! Go to VanillaSoft and start your free trial
  • 25:24 – “What nobody has actually figured out is a whole quadrant for account-based sales development“ – David
    • Very few teams have pursuit marketing teams
  • 28:19 – Everything starts with the buyer journey
    • Marketing should be integrated into that journey
    • “Our goal is to provide the right experience to convert customers”
  • 34:27 – Long-form content is still relevant but Jake found that people are getting interested with “bite-sized content”
    • Blogs, webinars, and ebooks should be used to delight customers
    • Talk about something that’s relevant and create a build-up are two things, Jake iterates
    • “Until things become saturated, they are amazing. When they become saturated, they lose some of their effectiveness”
  • 39:40 – Spend time to look at B2C trends — these will be applicable to B2B as well
    • Go where the data points you at
    • “Your people are your brand now”
  • 43:17 – Tips on how to get your videos clicked on LinkedIn
    • The key is consistency
    • Social is not about perfection
  • 47:10 – Let the audience tell you what they want to see
  • 48:10 – Jake is just so excited about their new products: LinkedIn Strategy & Creative Services
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