AI is everywhere, but how does it pertain to Sales Development? Will robots take our jobs, is it a passing fad, or are we headed toward a future of Ironman JARVIS type of thing?

Join our expert this week, Addison Lee (formerly of Conversica now with Pantheon) who has spent several years living and studying the interaction of Sales Development and AI, and how it can benefit your performance.

If you’re in Ops, Leadership or an SDR/BDR looking for the latest info on this topic, tune in.

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Notable Quotes: 

            “I think if you look at a lot of successful race car drivers…having that hyper focus and being able to wipe everything aside to really buckle down and concentrate on similar cognitive tasks is how it kind of relates back to the business world.”

                                                            – Addison Lee

 Brief Summary

When you’re in Sales Development, and you’re a rep doing a ton of monotonous, repetitive tasks, don’t you sometimes wish that you could just automate those so you could focus on more valuable tasks, like actually talking to people? Well, guess what—Conversica lets you do just that through a digital AI assistant so you could spend your valuable time on the human aspect of Sales Development.

Today’s Guest: Addison Lee

            Addison Lee is a race car driver before he became an inbound SDR, marketing head, to now currently the Director of Sales Development over at Conversica. He shares how he applies the focus component of race car driving to running a high-performance Sales Development Team while using an AI-powered assistant that streamlines their processes.

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out the 2019 Tenbound Sales Development Conference (00:00)
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Addison Lee (01:40)
  • Addison Lee and how he got into Sales Development (02:05)
  • Addison Lee and race driving (03:46)
  • Applying the learnings from race car driving into Sales Development (05:50)
  • The real competition is focus (08:54)
    • Setting dedicated time to do cognitive tasks (10:05)
  • Managing the team focus time as a leader (12:10)
  • Open floor plans and how they make it work at Conversica (14:54)
  • Conversica: what it is and what it does (18:47)
    • Leveraging digital AI assistants (19:42)
  • What the Conversica digital assistant looks from the customer’s perspective (20:50)
    • No web chat, just a post-engagement follow-up (23:00)
  • Unleashing the follow up system on all inbound leads (24:20)
  • Leaving the repetitious tasks to the AI to make more time for the human aspect (27:38)
    • The 4 P’s that measure inbound lead follow-up (29:02)
    • What about all the hundred thousand leads in the database right now? (30:30)
  • Can you use Conversica retroactively? (31:58)
  • Who does Conversica compete against? (34:55)
  • Where iConversica and its industry are going in the next few years (36:40)

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

  • Addison Lee
  • Conversica

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