Why do some SDR’s burn out or give up while others climb the ranks to Manager and beyond?

Lakesha Magee might have figured out the winning formula.

By combining a passion for learning, skills in coaching her team and a great attitude, she’s been able to propel her Sales Development program to new heights of productivity.

Listen in as we dig in to her thought process and system of success! She’s one to watch for sure.

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Notable Quotes: 

“I noticed there was a big issue with time management where they’ll have the BDRs just calling at random times, but understanding your territory is understanding when you should be trying to reach these prospects. Utilizing the tools that we have help you understand when is the best time to just to call these people, especially with security.” 

– Lakesha Magee

Brief Summary

Everyone in Sales Development wants to hit their quarter month after month, quarter after quarter. When we hit it, that’s great! But when we don’t, then that’s not so great. So what is the secret sauce to continuously hitting those goals? Is it the cadences? Is it the timing? Is it the messaging? Or is it an amazing manager that not only motivates the team but is also hands-on in the cadences? 

Today’s Guest: Lakesha Magee

Lakesha Magee discovered her passion for selling through phone calls when she sold to previously sold to salons. Realizing that she enjoyed the calling side of the business, she dove into business development until she became a manager who replicated her own success to her team.

 The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out the 2019 Tenbound Sales Development Conference (00:00) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Lakesha Magee (00:58) 
  • A short backstory behind today’s guest (01:10) 
  • Lakesha Magee’s path into sales development and leadership (01:33) 
  • Lakesha Magee’s process to securing meetings (04:22)
  • Capturing the process and replicating it for the team (05:42)
  • Doing outbound to the cybersecurity space (07:30) 
  • Balancing personalization and activity (08:33) 
  • Keeping track and keeping in sync with what marketing is up to (10:02) 
  • Penetrating the cybersecurity market (13:06) 
  • Getting the fresh grad SDRs and BDRs to understand the personals they’re calling to (15:14) 
  • In the weeds and hands-on with events (16:10) 
  • What’s next for Lakesha Magee (17:25) 
  • Goal-setting and hitting those goals (18:18) 
  • Attrition and promotions are part of the planning (19:44) 
  • The upcoming RSA and getting meetings booked on the spot (20:56) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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