If you ever meet Darryl Praill at a conference, buckle up.

This is a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the marketing world, sales engagement platforms, and how marketing and sales can align in order to drive massive value for companies.

He’s also knee-slapping hilarious – and one heck of a snazzy dresser.

He’s also considering putting in a massive order for Mr Pep Talk for all his friends and family.
https://mrpeptalk.com/ – which is very exciting.

Big thanks to Darryl for his support and mentorship, as well as financial support of the Sales Development podcast. We couldn’t do this with him.

If you have not considered VanillaSoft in your exploration for sales engagement platforms, you’re missing an excellent tool. https://www.vanillasoft.com/solutions…

Listen in on how Daryll plans world domination and what you learn from this marketing master!

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Notable Quotes: 

“The thing about video is that people want a relationship. They want authenticity. So if they see me, that’s a relationship. They get to know me. Now, they may not like what I have to say. They may think I’m an idiot—most do—but at least they know I’m being authentic, and there’s respect for that. So that’s why video works.” 

– Darryl Praill 

“If I could give you more advice about any content you guys are making, don’t take yourself too seriously. Like a lot of people are worried that I’m not in a position to be perceived as an expert. Who am I? Just be you…Again, you don’t need to be the expert. You just need to be the individual who says, ‘I recognize a topic that we probably all share, and these are my thoughts on it.’”

– Darryl Praill 

Brief Summary

That’s always been one of the things to think about when you want to boost your revenue: getting marketing and sales aligned. It’s tricky, and sometimes you don’t even know where to start the alignment process. Good thing we have Darryl Praill on the show to tell us just how we can do that. On top of leveraging social media to brand yourself and make yourself known in your industry!

Today’s Guest: Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill is the dynamic and social media-savvy Chief Marketing Officer of the sales engagement platform, VanillaSoft. You’ve probably known him from several viral posts over at LinkedIn, but on the other side of that, he’s the one behind revving up marketing teams and aligning them with the sales teams for a hefty load of success. 

The episode touches on the following key topics and ideas: 

  • Check out the 2019 Tenbound Sales Development Conference (00:00) 
  • David introduces the episode’s guest, Darryl Praill (01:02)
  • VanillaSoft and its benefits for sales development professionals (01:48) 
    • What marketing does before passing leads off to sales (04:55) 
    • Things that happen after leads are passed on to sales (06:36) 
    • 48% of marketing qualified leads never make it to sales (07:52) 
    • Call everyone on the list with a sales engagement platform (08:53) 
  • Darryl Praill’s Rinse and Repeat process (11:06) 
    • The power of videos and the rule of three (12:52) 
  • Building a community with content (15:15)
  • Darryl’s new podcast series: Real Sales Banter and The Business Development Show (16:00) 
  • If a sales rep could focus on one skill, what should it be? (17:23) 
  • Why video is powerful and abundant now (18:46) 
    • The statistic of videos played with the sound off (19:44) 
  • What does an average SDR or sales rep have to say? (23:09) 
  • Choosing an appropriate thumbnail for your social video (26:12) 
    • The importance of the first frame at 24 frames per second over at LinkedIn (28:10)
  • Getting media partners and how it works (29:58) 
  • How to know when you’ve been posting too much on social (32:00) 
    • No one sees you as much as you do (34:15) 
    • Training a new spokesperson of the company (34:55) 
  • It’s all about leveraging humor (37:57) 
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, just be authentic (38:56) 
  • Where to find Darryl Praill and get in touch with him (43:04) 

List of Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

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