In this episode of the Sales Development Podcast, host David Dulany is joined by Joe Petruzzi of by Vouris , to discuss their innovative solution for optimizing sales and sales development performance.

Joe shares how his background in Robotics Engineering led him to create a marketing consulting company, which eventually evolved into Novah. The conversation covers the challenges faced by sales teams, the power of data-driven insights, and the role of Novah in addressing those pain points.

Novah allows SDRs to input their data, compares it against benchmarks, and provides real-time feedback and actionable content to improve performance. David and Joe also discuss the partnership with renowned sales expert Kyle Vamvouris, whose training content complements Novah’s features.

Together, they have created a game-changing tool that empowers sales and SDR teams to identify bottlenecks, self-correct, and drive revenue growth. Tune in to learn more about Novah’s journey and the future of sales performance optimization.