Welcome to Episode 2 of Tenbound Research Labs hosted by Derrick Williams. A special series purely focused on researching the best technology tools out there that companies are using to drive Sales Development success.

Zack Thompson, Senior Manager of Global Sales Development and Expansion at Zoominfo, Inc joins Derrick for Episode 2 and brings the value and insight with him!

Derrick and Zack originally met at a Tenbound Sales Development Conference, and they share how far they’ve come since then. Zack details his journey from SDR to his current role at Zoominfo. 

Zack shares granular details about how Zoominfo sources their data and the type of quality assurance efforts that go into providing top notch intelligence. Fascinating stuff!

Derrick and Zack wrap up this value packed episode by covering some of the technologies outside of Zoominfo that Zack and his team use to drive success

Tune in for an inspiring and informative interview with a true sales development professional and leader.

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