Welcome to the first episode of Tenbound Research Labs hosted by Derrick Williams. A special series purely focused on researching the best technology tools out there that companies are using to drive Sales Development success.

Mark Magnacca, President and Co Founder at Allego, Inc and Co Author of Mastering Virtual Selling: Orchestrating Sales Success kicks off this special series with an insightful and value packed episode.

Derrick and Mark kick off the episode by diving into Mark’s career path – Mark shares his experiences cold calling in a low tech environment at the start of his career and some of the massive shifts he has witnessed on his journey. 

Mark shares his thoughts on topics like post-pandemic selling, building virtual sales relationships and keeping front line reps engaged in today’s world. 

Derrick and Mark detail how the Allego platform empowers teams and how they ensure the success of their clients – incredibly valuable info for anyone looking for the right technology partners to supercharge their efforts.

Enjoy the inaugural episode of Tenbound Research Labs!  

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