Welcome to Episode 4 of Tenbound Research Labs hosted by Derrick Williams. A special series purely focused on researching the best technology tools out there that companies are using to drive Sales Development success.

Greg Segall, CEO & Founder at Alyce joins Derrick for Episode 4 to talk about the exploding market of corporate gifting and how Alyce is empowering sales development professionals to create great first impressions with their prospects.

Greg gives us a walk through of how Alyce works and the ways that current users are utilizing the technology today. 

Derrick and Greg go over something on every CFO’s mind when it comes to corporate gifting: how to control the spending! 

This exciting interview wraps up with Greg speaking about the power of listening to feedback from the frontlines – a truly refreshing perspective to hear from a CEO!

Tune in and enjoy Episode 4!

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