Michael Pedone, founder of Salesbuzz.com stops by for Episode 197 of The Sales Development Podcast.

David starts off the episode by asking Michael to share his journey from commission only sales jobs to starting his own business – Salesbuzz.com. Michael’s story is inspiring and leads David to asking an age old question – “Are great salespeople born or made?” – tune in to hear Michael’s answer!

As the episode rolls along – Michael and David talk about valuable places to learn best practices for sales outside of the typical platforms like LinkedIn, which can sometimes feel like an echo chamber. 

The advice keeps on coming from Michael as he goes over some practical tips on how to better understand your Ideal Client Profile – especially if you’re a new salesperson.

As the episode comes to a close, Michael and David discuss how Salesbuzz.com delivers training and the unique ways that Michael engages with his clients. 

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