First, there was the Death of a Salesman. Now – the Death of the SDR. 

First, there was the Predictable Revenue Model. Now – the Buyer Centric Revenue Model. 

Episode 198 features the man behind these new iterations – Nelson Gilliat.Nelson Gilliat is the Author of “Death of the SDR: Birth of Buyer Centric Revenue” and the Creator of Buyer Centric Revenue model – an alternative to Predictable Revenue model.

David and Nelson dive right into the ins and outs of the Buyer Centric Revenue Model – and Nelson highlights why modern Sales Development professionals need to know about it. Nelson also goes over why he felt it was important to write his book.

Maintaining the spirit of the episode – Nelson provides a “no filter” view on the pitfalls of prospecting and the SDR role as whole. He goes on to explain how the Buyer Centric Revenue Model helps Sales Development professionals make more of an impact.

To close out this riveting interview, Nelson provides a definitive statement on being buyer centric. You don’t want to miss this!

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