The future of work is remote. Learning to thrive in a remote work environment is a reality for millions of Sales Development professionals across the globe.

Episode 199 features a Sales Development leader who has real world experience in thriving in remote environments – Matthew Roberts. Matthew is a Play/Coach at Mosaic and leads a team of remote SDR’s. 

Matthew’s unique journey into Sales Development led him to working for companies like Chili Piper and now Mosaic – leading his team through the challenges of remote work. Matthew shares tactical advice on how he motivates struggling reps, onboards new hires and coaches his team to success. 

The practical, no-fluff advice continues with Matthew sharing details about how his team stays focused during the day while working remotely – something that whether they want to admit it – thousands of SDR’s need help with!

The episode wraps up with Matthew sharing what’s next for him and his growing team at Mosaic. 

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