From Cold Calls to Billions – Making a Dent In the Universe!

They say to “never meet your heroes”. I’ve met a few of mine, and that’s actually pretty good advice. However, there are exceptions. I have one today. 

I first heard of Daniel Priestley via the most outlandish referral ever…Mike Winnett… whose “contrepreneural” documentary is a must-see for self-development addicts.

[Mike Winnett said he went to a self-development event and the one speaker who wasn’t complete crap was a guy named Daniel Priestley. Mike is brutal -so I had to check out Daniel!]

I then found Daniel on the London Real podcast, and the rest is history folks. 

After diving into Daniel’s thought processes on business, success, and personal development I have found they are so spot-on they will completely change the way you think about these topics, in a very positive way. 

If you’re seeking wisdom and help in these areas he’s one of the top minds in the world on these topics.  His frameworks and advice have made a huge positive difference in my business and life in general. I put him on the same level as Jim Rohn, Dan Sullivan, and Darren Hardy. 

Daniel has written 4 books on these topics, runs several successful companies, and speaks around the globe to audiences, all with the purpose of truly helping people succeed. 

Dive in as we explore how to take your business and life to the next level. 

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