Fair warning – this episode is CHOCK FULL of value for all of the Sales Development Pros in the audience!

Chris Beall, CEO of Connect and Sell (and Sales Development LEGEND)  joins our host David Dulany for an exciting conversation about the best practices that modern professionals are utilizing to see success. 

David and Chris waste zero time in getting right to valuable and tactical advice: Chris shares what SDRs need to be focused on today in order to see success. Chris continues dropping jewels by sharing the power of changing your mindset, having curiosity on cold calls and asking the type of questions that deepen your connection with your prospects!

Chris doesn’t stop there – he continues sharing Sales Development wisdom with his take on the importance of tonality when speaking to prospects and how to handle common objections we all hear on the phone.

The episode wraps up with Chris sharing his point of view on the importance of “cold” conversations and how his team helps sales professionals have more of them! 

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