So many sales professionals “fall” into sales. The best salespeople (like our guest for Episode 206) use their past career experiences to drive success in their current sales roles. 

Episode 206 features Melissa Gaglione, Enterprise Account Executive at LivePerson.

Our host David Dember speaks with a true sales ninja on this episode as she shares how she made her way into sales after spending time as a teacher and tv broadcaster. Melissa shares how she pulled certain skills she developed in her past roles and incorporated them into her new sales career – so valuable for anyone out there who has recently made a similar transition!

The value keeps on coming as Melissa gives us a “Video Prospecting 101” master class – outlining the steps that lead to success in using video to gain the attention of your prospects.

David and Melissa wrap up the episode speaking about emotional intelligence, their future plans for fireside chats and how you can connect with her to continue following her journey.

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