Ever wanted to learn about what it takes to go from new SDR to VP of Sales Development? This episode is your “shot”!

Episode 207 features Mitch Reaves, Vice President of Sales Development at Dozuki.

Our host David Dember give Mitch a proper “players” introduction to kick off the episode as Mitch shares a bit about how he made his way into NCAA Basketball Coaching. 

David and Mitch discuss the similarities between sports and sales for individual contributors and coaches and the most transferable skills from his coaching days and how they help him in his current leadership role.

Mitch shares how he went from SDR to VP at Dozuki – an absolute must listen for anyone hoping to have a similar career path!

The episode wraps up with Mitch sharing the exciting growth plans for his team at Dozuki, the things he is focused on to drive top of funnel success and how you can connect with him to stay in touch with this exceptional Sales Development Leader!

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