In this episode of the Sales Development Podcast, host David Dulany and guest Richard Harris dive deep into the essence of what fuels the success of SaaS startups and established tech companies alike: the synthesis of technology marketing, sales development, and revenue operations. Richard Harris, a world-renowned sales trainer with a rich history of elevating sales teams across the spectrum, shares invaluable insights and tactics that have cemented his status as a go-to authority in sales training.

From the foundational principles of his NEAT Selling system to the upcoming release of his book “The Seller’s Journey,” Harris unpacks the critical components of building and maintaining a high-performance sales engine. This episode not only highlights Harris’s unique approach to sales training and development but also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and the personal touch in creating meaningful customer experiences.

Join us as we explore the synergies between strategy, people, processes, and technology that power the go-to-market engines of the tech sales world, all brought to you by Tenbound.