Sales Development Podcast – Show Notes – Sean Sheppard

Published February 8, 2017
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Show notes:

  • Sales should be treated as other professionals and it should be treated as such
  • Sales professionals can be incredibly valuable in business, and deserve respect 
  • Be proud of what you do, and treat it with professionalism and pride 
  • If you can manage your mindset you can manage your success
  • 50% of US grads go into Sales, with no training…. ???
  • Traditional universities very rarely offer Sales majors … creating a huge skill gap 
  • Modern Sales is a uniquely American phenomenon, after the industrial revolution, we have to use influence to move people, not force. Our education system needs to catch up. 
  • In a tech company, “Be close to the code or be close to the cash” Engineering or Sales is where you can make your mark. 
  • Everything starts with business and marketing acumen, so know your market first  
  • Train your mind and mindset to be able to quickly size up a company.
  • GX Academy Sales and Biz Dev Syllabus available here, Sean goes in to detail:
  • How do you apply the Sales funnel to your career?
  • Most problems you run into business can be solved with more Sales. Learn Sales and conquer!
  • Mindset #1: Customers don’t care about YOUR problems, they care about themselves
  • As a Salesperson you have to do your Market research and make sure you’re picking the right company before moving forward, same goes with your career
  • Make sure the product you’re getting involved with will sell.  Be curious about it. Don’t be desperate for a job. You have to qualify them too. 
  • Use a Decision framework map. Set yourself up for success. (available at GrowthX)
  • You can have a greater impact on an early stage company, but it’s also chaos.
  • Employment branding is the same as Marketing. Make sure it’s not a too-good-to-be true situation.
  • Try to reach Product Market fit
  • There are 26,000 companies in the Bay Area that can hire you.
  • Online recruiters are buried in resumes. You don’t try to sell like that, why look for a job like that?
  • Seek fit Qualify. 90 day funnell plan with all prospecting plan
  • Look at the hunt as a prospecting plan- drive to the numbers!
  • Get out, meet people, get involved in the community.
  • Examples: Sales Tech Facebook Group
  • Sales Development Leadership Forum:
  • Sales Hacker Linkedin Group

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