Sales Development (SDR) – Virtual Training

Give your team or yourself the foundational skills needed to excel in their Sales Development career and beyond!

The Tenbound Way™ Sales Development Training System is designed to prepare SDRs (BDRs etc) not only for the challenges of building pipeline today, but to set a strong foundation for success in their career.

Through a set of structured skills that build upon each other, SDRs come out of the training ready to use their tools and initiative to hit their number month after month with relevant scripts, messages and rebuttals to start immediately.

Join the elite Tenbound Alumni Group (invite-only) upon successfully completing the course.

Sales Development (SDR) – Virtual Training

Tenbound SDR Training System includes:

  • The Tenbound Way™ Cold Calling structure
  • Effective pain-centric opening statements
  • Asking relevant questions
  • Handling objections
  • Closing for next steps
  • Live practice: 1:1 and group rotation work

Theme: Connecting Your Messaging With Your Buyer’s Journey

  • Section One: Defining and Understanding your top 3 Buyer Prospects:
  • Section Two: Discovering your Prospect’s top 3 Pain Points
  • Section Three: Messaging – Connecting Prospects and Pain Points to your daily workflow
  • Section Four: Prospecting Sales Skills and Live Practice – How to Connect with Prospects in a Genuine Way

Format: Delivered live by a Tenbound Certified Trainer over Zoom

Recommended: Follow up with weekly Coaching calls with Tenbound Certified Trainers.

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