Premium Company Profile

$3,600.00 per year

Membership gives you the ability to add and manage your company’s profile on the Sales Development Company Directory.

The Sales Development Market Map brings together the top players in each quadrant involved in putting together a modern Sales Development stack. From data providers, to software tools, to outsourced firms, to recruiting and training companies, all the major vendors serving our community are represented in the Directory!

Gain enhanced features with Premium Membership to promote your company in the Sales Development Company Directory.

Premium members get the following benefits:

  • Custom Call-to-Action: Send prospects directly to a link of your choice to learn more or register.
  • Video: Add a featured video directly to your profile to showcase what you do or demo your product.
  • Cover Photo: Add an optional banner to the top of your profile in addition to your logo.
  • Gallery: Add a gallery to your profile that can display photos and screenshots.
  • Social Features: Share posts and articles from your profile that can appear on the main directory’s news feed.
  • Advanced Customization: Add client testimonials, case studies, and custom content beyond the basic profile.
  • Priority Support: Get access to chat and phone support for help setting up and optimizing your profile.

More Appointments. More Pipeline. More Sales.

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