Tenbound, a Research & Advisory firm focused 100% on Sales Development, announced the winners of this year’s BEAST Awards for excellence in Sales Development, at The Virtual Sales Development Conference 2020 on August 17th, 2020. 

The BEAST Award is a voting award specifically for the Sales Development community, run each year in leading up the annual Conference. It includes four categories, with the highest number of unique votes winning in each category. 

The categories include Best Sales Development Team, Best Sales Development Technology, Best Sales Development Manager and Best Sales Development Representative. This year, Tenbound received a record number of votes in each category.

David Dulany, Tenbound Founder & CEO stated: “The Sales Development industry continues to grow, and as the industry grows, new leaders emerge who are taking it to the next level. The BEAST Awards represent the best of our industry, the top rated Leaders, Reps, Teams and Tech out there performing at the highest level in our field. We are proud to be associated with all the nominees and winners!”

The 2020 Winners:

Best Sales Development Manager

Armand Farrokh with Carta

Best Sales Development Representative

Ellie Markert with Groove

Best Sales Development Team 

ZoomInfo lead by Brian Vital and Henry Schuck 

Best Sales Development Technology 

LeadIQ lead by Mei Siauw and Ryan O’Hara 

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners, and keep an eye on these companies and people. 

They are the future of Sales Development!

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