Tenbound BEAST Award 2023

Tenbound, GTM Research & Advisory, announced the winners of this year’s BEAST Awards for excellence in Sales Technology, at The Tenbound Sales Tech Conference 2023!

The BEAST Award is a voting award specifically for the GTM Community, run each year leading up to the annual Tenbound Conference. It includes several categories within the Tenbound Sales Tech Market Map, with the highest number of unique votes winning in each category. 

Revenue Alignment continues to push the Sales Technology industry forward, combining Marketing, SDR, Sales, and CS into a comprehensive revenue production machine. 

David Dulany, Tenbound Founder & CEO stated: “Sales Technology continues to evolve at a break neck pace. We predict soon, the Sales Tech Market Map will look more like the MarTech 5000. The Tenbound BEAST Awards represent the best of the best in this exciting industry, the top-rated Technology out there performing at the highest level in our field, voted on by actual users and buyers of the solutions. We are proud to be associated with all the nominees and winners!”

The 2023 BEAST Award Winners:

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners!

You are the future of Sales Technology!


2023 BEAST Awards

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