Tenbound Announces Sales Development Coaching Program

Tenbound, the leader in Sales Development training, consulting and industry research, recently announced the availability of the Tenbound Sales Development Coaching program, which has already benefited a number of high growth companies.
With the coaching program, clients get much needed context, advice and accountability to accelerate their Sales Development pipeline growth and SDR-sourced closed revenue.
David Dulany, Tenbound Founder & CEO states: “As we talked to Sales Development Leaders every day, it became clear they realized that, even with all the latest technology installed, free online content, and a team of bright, dedicated SDRs, they still needed an additional outside resource, available on-demand, to help them strategize, prioritize and organize their program in the most efficient way possible. An organized program utilizing industry best practices and outside accountability. This is exactly what the Tenbound Coaching program provides.”
In an hour or two per week, clients meet with Tenbound Sales Development Experts to review their strategic plan accountabilities, discuss obstacles, break through challenges and plan the week ahead. The program puts context and guardrails on the Sales Development program, helping keep the leader on track toward their goals, and acts as a neutral third party as they navigate their internal organization.
As Dulany puts it, “Sales Development Leaders today are under intense pressure to run their teams and produce sales appointments, pipeline and SDR-sourced closed-won revenue, however, they’ve been pretty much left on their own to figure how to assemble the people, processes and technology to hit those goals. That is, until today. Now, they have a resource to rely on to help them achieve their goals.”
Companies throughout Silicon Valley, such as Gitlab, Glint, Helpshift, Lacework, Myagi and others, have trusted Tenbound to bring the latest industry research and advisory to help accelerate their Sales Development programs through consulting and training programs, so the development of the Tenbound Sales Development Coaching program was a natural offshoot to help people one-on-one.
Tenbound will host the 3rd annual Sales Development Conference on August 23rd at in San Francisco. The Sales Development Conference is the first and only conference 100% focused and dedicated to Sales Development. http://tenbound.com/conference/ 
For more information about the Tenbound Sales Development Coaching program and The Sales Development Conference, please visit http://tenbound.com/

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