The Tenbound Virtual Conference

The Tenbound Sales Development Conference is back for the Summer session with a laser focus on SDR/BDR prospecting, plays and pipeline. 

The subject matter will be focused on tactical applications SDR/BDRs can use today, with the top practitioners and thought leaders in the space including Becc Holland, James Buckley, Nikki Ivey, Richard Harris, Scott Leese, Jeremey Donovan, Liz Gaherty, Dan Wardle, Ellen Stafford, Julianne Thompson, David Dulany, Katie Pawlica, Shawn Finder and many more. 

This is an awesome opportunity not only to learn from these top minds in Sales Development but also to network with other Sales and Marketing professionals on the conference website, Airmeet. In this interactive setting, you can meet the other conference attendees, sponsors and speakers in a virtual environment. 

This is a can’t-miss event for the summer to get you through the heavy pipeline season coming up. You’ll walk out with a list of new tactics to try and friends you can help support throughout the year. Jump in today!

Book Launch: The Sales Development Framework by David Dulany and Kyle Vamvouris 

Tenbound CEO David Dulany and Vouris CEO Kyle Vamvouris have taken The Tenbound Way Sales Development process and put it into the easy to read and implement book: The Sales Development Framework How to Build and Scale a Highly Productive Sales Development Program. 

Over the course of the chapters in a step-by-step format on Culture, Leadership, Hiring, Onboarding, Training, Coaching, Analysis, Results and Reputation, each dives deeply into the fundamental building blocks of a high-performance SDR Team. The book also includes a useful Sales Development Market Map quadrant and a glossary of terms. The book is now available on Amazon and the Tenbound website. 

New! Online Learning SDR and Sales Dev Manager Training Courses 

Over the last five years, Tenbound has delivered hundreds of SDR and SDR Manager training classes, both in person and on Zoom, however, scheduling and travel were always an issue for participants. So Tenbound put it into an online self-paced version that SDRs and SDR Managers can take at any time from the convenience of their own computer. Created with an interactive mix of videos, downloads, chat functionality, community and achievement badges, participants get the same knowledge and expertise as the in-person training programs, without all the hassles. Register directly for the courses here: Sales Development Rep (SDR) and SDR Manager. 

Sales Development Benchmark Research Survey Report Launch

Tenbound, in conjunction with RevOps2, surveyed over 200 high-level Sales Development leaders in the early part of 2021 to establish the benchmarks for high-performance Sales Development programs today in our post-pandemic world. 

Now, Sales Development Leaders can calibrate against the top performers in our industry to see where they stack up with the best-in-class programs they are doing today. Make sure you have all the latest research before going into the next quarter. The survey report is available for free download in our Research Center.

Market Map V7 / Sales Development Directory

Tenbound has recently released Version 7 of our Sales Development Market Map, which gives you a high-level overview of the different tools and services that are available to help support your Sales Development program. 

Each aspect of that support is divided into quadrants, such as Data, Sales Engagement Platforms, Sales Development Training Courses and Conversational Marketing. Viewers can then double click on the Market Map to access the Sales Development Buyer Directory, which includes all the companies on the Market Map and allows you to investigate further companies that you’re interested in.

Tools and service providers can then showcase their products by upgrading their Directory page to enhance profile giving buyers a more in-depth look at the capabilities of their tools or service. 


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