At Tenbound, we talk to real customers of Sales Tech companies every day, and we hear the good, the bad and the ugly.

We work with Senior GTM Executives, RevOps pros and individual Sales Reps and SDRs, so we hear it from all levels. We hear feedback straight from real customers. No filter, no BS.

Since software review sites are known to be pay-to-play (except this one), and it’s almost impossible to get real information from the “Slack group shark tanks”, only the current, unbiased customers know if the tool is actually any good.

You have to actually talk to customers. It doesn’t scale. You can plug in all kinds of fancy listening devices and analytics platforms, but to truly get the real feedback you have to actually talk to customers.

Case studies and Customer Advisory Boards?  Easily gamed. They are usually hand selected proponents of the company who are wined and dined to say nice things.

Your friends may have some advice, which is great. But what if they’ve never used the tech you need information on? You’re going to trust a stranger? Maybe.

And there is real value in hearing about the bad things-the stuff that doesn’t work, the sneaky contracts, the bloat, the overpriced software nobody is really using.  Both for you as the user but also for the vendor selling the product. And don’t ever get me started about Outsourced SDR companies.

That’s what you want to hear about before you make a big commitment to purchase. That’s why people use Reddit, they want to hear about the bad stuff.

We’ve spoken directly to now over 100 Sales Tech buyers about their path from problem to exploration to decision and implementation, and documented that process here and here.

This week we focus on Zoominfo.

Exploring ZoomInfo: A Mixed Bag of User Feedback

We recently ran a flash survey asking for feedback on user experience with Zoominfo.

Very simply we asked: what do you like, what do you not like and would you recommend to a friend, ie Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The results may surprise you… request a sample below.

Click here for sample. 

Want these reports each week? We plan to start selling these Flash Reports as user feedback and competitive intelligence. If you’d be interested in receiving this please let us know.

Zoominfo profile is on Tenbound Research. Have you used Zoominfo? Leave a review here.


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