In a significant move for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, David Dulany, Founder and CEO of Tenbound, has been appointed as the new Dean of The Open SaaS Institute.

This strategic appointment marks a pivotal moment for the SaaS community, as Dulany brings his extensive expertise and innovative leadership to spearhead the Institute’s mission to create a more reliable, inclusive, and healthier SaaS ecosystem through open standards and innovation.

The Mission of the Open SaaS Institute

The Open SaaS Institute is on a quest to harness the collective intelligence of the SaaS community to establish Open Standards that will serve as the foundation for future growth, innovation, and collaboration in the industry.

By bringing together the best minds and brightest ideas, the Institute aims to share data, benchmarks, and best practices that are essential for fostering an environment where open innovation thrives.

What’s the difference between an BDR and SDR? What is a Lead versus a Prospect? What does CAC stand for? Is GTM short for Go To Market or Go-To-Market? The Open SaaS Institute will finally solve these age-old debates, so the industry can get on the same page and more forward.

This comes at a critical time when the industry is seeking direction and unity. The Institute is dedicated to discussing, defining, and distributing standards that are not only theoretical but are built in the open, ensuring they are practical, useful, and fair for all stakeholders in the SaaS ecosystem.

A Call to Action for the SaaS Community

The Open SaaS Institute is making a bold call to action to the people of the SaaS community.

It’s time to address the pervasive feeling of a missing piece in the industry—a standard that unites, empowers, and inspires to innovate beyond conventional boundaries. The Institute’s vision is to eliminate the fragmentation and challenges that hinder the SaaS world from achieving its full potential.

“We are here to build the Standard that the SaaS community has been yearning for,” stated Dulany. “This is not just about creating guidelines; it’s about fostering a movement towards a unified SaaS ecosystem where innovation, inclusivity, and reliability are at the forefront. We are here for a change and to eliminate chance in our pursuit of excellence.”

Moving Forward

Under David Dulany’s leadership, The Open SaaS Institute is set to embark on a transformative journey to unite the SaaS community under a common standard that transcends the technical minutiae and paves the way for groundbreaking innovation. The Institute invites all stakeholders in the SaaS industry, from startups to investors and beyond, to join in this crucial endeavor to shape the future of SaaS.

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