The 5 Keys to SDR Hiring Success


In the current ever changing market, it is common for hiring managers to feel dissatisfied with the candidate pool for open SDR roles on their team. 

Having a solid process in place is the key to ensuring you have the best possible candidates to bring on your team. 

Here are 5 ways to improve your SDR hiring process, and ensure that it is working for you:

  1. Determine your timeline.

With a clear outline and understanding of your goals, you can then work at a pace that will meet your hiring needs.  Need 4 reps within 60 days?  The time to start interviewing is approximately 30 days before your desired start date for a 1-2 week long interview process. Reset your expectations, yes you can hire fast when you have the candidates. It’s the procurement piece that will require more time especially with multiple companies competing for the same talent. 

  1. Create a candidate scorecard

Are you comparing apples to apples when it comes to interviews? The foolproof way to ensure that you are remembering interviews correctly and assessing candidates on the same qualities and characteristics is to create a candidate scorecard.  By comparing candidates equally, you can see where they rank on your scale.  Just because someone is charming or confident does not mean that they are the best person for a Sales Development role.

  1. Streamline your process 

An average hiring process should take no longer than 2 weeks time.  Candidates drop off, lose interest, or assume you are not enthusiastic about them for processes that take longer than this.  A solid interview process should be between 3-4 rounds to include the critical stakeholders and make an informed decision about a candidate.

  1. Create a simple project or assignment as part of the process

Assign a project with a deadline.  Not only are you testing for skill level, you are testing for the soft skills necessary to be successful in the role.  How well does a candidate handle deadlines?  Do they ask clarifying questions? Can they perform the tasks necessary to be successful in the role?  A short project is a great way to find out!

  1. Do not hesitate when you find a strong candidate 

The biggest mistake in the hiring process is hiring managers being unwilling to pull the trigger on solid candidates “ just to see what else is out there”.  The current start of today’s hiring market gives you zero opportunity to wait on strong candidates.  If you interview someone who earns incredible marks on your scorecard DO NOT WAIT!  There is a very strong likelihood that they are also interviewing with other companies and you can miss out on the right candidate.

Regardless of the quantity of reps you are hiring for, it can be said that one great hire is worth their weight in gold (or revenue!).  By simplifying your process, creating safeguards to keep you on track, and keeping your goals in sight, you are sure to hire great reps for your team.

Alexis Scott is the Manager of Employer Partnerships for Aspireship. She is passionate about supporting sales leaders and job seekers with hiring, career transitions and upskilling. In her downtime, she can be found volunteering to help veterans career transition through Hire Heroes USA and traveling as much as she possibly can with her family.

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