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We’ve all seen them, Market Maps for Marketing Tech, Sales Tech and other industries. 

Here at Tenbound, we’re 100% focused on Sales Development, and so back in 2017 we set out to do an overview of the Sales Development industry and to bring together all the products and services necessary to create a world class Sales Development program, all in one handy mega-graphic.

What really makes the Tenbound Market Map different from others is we have endeavoured to include all the products and services needed to be evaluated as you put together your Sales Development strategy specifically, and beyond only technology.

As we get into 2020, we are now on Version 6, and it continues to grow with each version!

Version 1 looks downright quant at this point.

See a Market Map quadrant you would like to learn more about? We now have a Directory back up the map and let you save individual solutions you’re interested in.

Observations on Market Map V6

While a unified and aligned SDR technology stack continues to play a huge role in the success of any Sales Development program, services are increasingly important. No one leader can do everything.

There are a myriad of services that go into creating a successful team, such as specialized SDR recruiting agencies, consulting and training firms, and a large and increasing number of Outsourced SDR companies.

First, take a look at Version 6, and then we’ll walk through how it evolved over the past two years to include over 400 companies.

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V6 August 2020

No alt text provided for this image

With the new version, we have radically redesigned the format of the Map to better align with the Tenbound TAM Funnel i.e Account Prioritization, Persona Identification and Contact Information, Conversational Intelligence, and Commitment to Meeting.


No alt text provided for this image

Aligned with this process, the two largest quadrants continue to grow in version 6; Data, Outsourced SDR companies, Sales Engagement and Conversation Engagement.

It makes sense. Data is the lifeblood of Sales Development, either going Outbound or enriching Inbound leads. If you can’t reach people, you can’t set up meetings. From Accounts, to the people at the account, to having the conversations, you must have clean organized data.

The monster IPO of Zoominfo tells us there is plenty of room to grow in this area.

Outsourced SDR companies also continue to multiply. Let’s face it, Sales Development is tough. For many companies, building an in-house SDR team is hard, expensive and frustrating. Finding top talent to run the program and top performing SDRs is difficult. But in the meantime, you still need pipeline.

Thus, the Outsourced SDR company quadrant keeps growing with version. There is an unending demand for companies that decide to “buy” and not “build”. Also, Outsourced SDR companies can help offload some of the labor intensive activities in-house teams are doing, such as sourcing esoteric data collection.

The central hub of the SDR’s life, in the middle of the map, is Sales Engagement. We see this quadrant continuing to grow and eventually becoming the single pane of glass for SDRs to run their day. These products will strive to be more efficient and eliminate all activities non-relevant to conversations, and conversion to the Sales. They might even become CRMs.

Finally, notice the ever expanding Conversational Intelligence quadrant as well. Looks to be critical infrastructure for SDRs. You have to be able to monitor what the SDRs are saying to see if you can improve their performance. With Gong recently become a Double Unicorn we see this quadrant growing.

Let’s take a walk through the evolution from V1 to V6.

V1 June 2018

No alt text provided for this image

V2 December 2018

No alt text provided for this image

V3 March 2019

No alt text provided for this image

V4 December 2019

No alt text provided for this image

V5 March 2020 

No alt text provided for this image

V6 August 2020

No alt text provided for this image

I think you’d agree, it’s an exciting time to be involved in Sales Development!

Where do see Sales Development going over the next few years? Will the map shrink, stabilize or grow? What quadrants or companies did we miss?

Leave a comment and put them in the Directory!

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