The Real Problem with AI in Sales

The Real Problem with AI in Sales

Since ChatGPT came on the scene, a lot of buzz in our industry has been focused how AI can be applied to Sales Tech. Many companies have already been working on this application, and more will come.

I’ve taken several calls over the past few weeks with companies applying AI to email writing, phone scripts, prospect prioritization, and other problems. The potential is enormous and the tools show a lot of promise.

However, one thing missing in a lot of these tools is the importance of seamless workflow and user adoption. With many tools already layered on the average SDR and AE desktop, multiple tabs open, and several projects started and stopped, the workflow has become a disjointed, confusing mess. The power of AI is a given at this point, however, I think the key factor in the success of these tools will be how the workflow is addressed. Is it seamless? Is it integrated with existing tools?

Many new entrants to the Sales tech space do not come from a sales background and are tackling the problem from an engineering perspective. They make great products but I’d also recommend they sit in the seat of an SDR or AE for a while to understand how the tool flows with all the others being used. After that experience, I think they would bring up and address the importance of workflow more.

Companies need pipeline and revenue now more than ever – and many have laid off their SDR teams, or cut them to bone. Those who remain need better tools to be able to produce the results needed by their company, doing more with fewer people and resources. But just adding an AI layer on top of an already disjointed workflow is not going to do it. The whole sales process needs to be mapped out and updated based on ROI, results, and feedback from internal users.

(Another reason to invest in a good RevOps function)

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