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Sales Development is an integral part of selling and can help companies set more appointments, build more pipeline, and make more sales. 

However, some people still aren’t sure about the Sales Development role. Where does it fit in the sales process? What are the various responsibilities? 

Along with our definitive guide and glossary, we’ve created the Tenbound Way™ Sales Development Process, to help you see at a glance how the Sales Development fits in with your marketing and sales teams. 

The framework is divided into five key components, ranging from the executive with overall responsibility to the customer’s journey. 

Starting Point: The Customer Journey

On the right, we can see the customer’s journey. Although this is outside of your direct control, it’s essential to understand the five-step process your customers go through before making a purchase:

Awareness – The customer becomes aware of your product.

Involvement – They become involved in your product, perhaps reading about it or signing up for a trial. 

Researching – They carry out further research to gain a better understanding of your product and how it can help them.

Winnowing – They compare your product with other vendors’ solutions and narrow down their options.

Deciding – They make a decision; hopefully to purchase your product! 

Database Status

At the same time, your team has to work to attract those customers, at whatever stage they’re at in their journey. 

This process starts with Account Prioritization, identifying which companies are out there and prioritizing them so that you spend your time effectively and don’t waste time with companies that are a poor fit for your product. 

Within each account, there are the actual people who work at the company. Persona Prioritization is where you identify and prioritize these people so that you’re talking to the right people.

Once the right accounts and personas have been established, the rep has to talk with them and introduce the product. Communication of Value means getting over that information in an effective way that encourages them to take the next stage: Meeting Accepted.


Following these stages, you then reach the Pipeline Created stage, which in turn will lead to sales. 

Responsible Department

It’s essential that each team is aware of their responsibilities relating to the database. Without that awareness, certain tasks may be repeated or, even worse, missed out entirely. 

The Marketing team is in charge of adding accounts to the database and prioritizing them, ensuring that there are enough companies in the database. While Sales Development and Sales teams will have input, Marketing is responsible for the actual work of adding and sorting accounts.

Both Marketing and Sales Development are responsible for persona prioritization. Specifically, Marketing will add intent data, enrich existing data, and actually prioritize the personas. Sales Development will customize the messages to those personas. 

Sales Development takes full responsibility for communicating value to the prospect. With everything already prioritized, they can get to work calling, emailing, and reaching out via social media. 

Once they’ve successfully booked the meeting, the Sales team comes in. They’ll run the meeting and give those customers in the winnowing phase all that they need to make the right decision and go with your product.  


To carry out this process, you need to have the right infrastructure in place. The RevOps (Revenue Operations) team ensures the required tools and services are in place and running properly behind the scenes. With everything properly organized, you can effectively move people down the funnel.  

Responsible Executive 

Finally, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) oversees the entire process. They have overall responsibility for ensuring that you’re building your brand and increasing awareness, knowing what accounts and people to go after, and that everyone is trained and enabled to communicate that value and set those meetings. 

If you’re looking for ways to set up a Sales Development program or improve your existing process, contact us at Tenbound today for a no-obligation exploratory call.

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