Becoming a successful Sales Development Revenue Alignment leader requires three key ingredients:

  • Community
  • Consistency
  • Coaching

Let’s find out why in this blog. 

In the age of the consumer, Revenue Alignment is critical to Sales Development success. No longer can Marketing, Sales Development and Sales happen in a bubble.

Revenue Alignment places customers at the heart of business success by emphasizing the importance of delivering customer-centric solutions and creating measurable outcomes.

When all teams, whether they are in Sales, Marketing, Support, R&D, or any other role, share a singular focus on customer success, everything they do adds value to the business.

For Sales Development leaders, Revenue Alignment is an enormously important opportunity. It can accelerate your career by giving you the resources needed to create a predictable revenue and pipeline model.

But success in Revenue Alignment requires three key ingredients:

  • Coach – someone who provides expert guidance and helps keep you accountable.
  • Community – a group of peers you can lean on to ask questions and learn new things
  • Consistency – a strategy that you follow to build up your skills and abilities

All three of the above are essential for becoming a successful Revenue Alignment leader, but the real power lies in combining them into a unified model.

Here’s why:

Coaching + community

…but no consistent system

= great ideas and connections, but little execution

You might have many great ideas and goals that you plan and discuss with your mentors, but it’s not likely to amount to much without a consistent system. You could lean on the community for support and guidance, but what you really end up with is a lot of connections and ideas but no standardized way to put them to use.

Without a consistent system, there is no structure nor discipline. As such, you try new things every day, but the lack of strategy means it’s hard to tell what works and what doesn’t in the longer term. Since Revenue Alignment is all about creating measurable outcomes, it requires strategy which, in turn, requires consistency.

Coaching + consistency

…but no community

= grinding away in isolation with little support and a high risk of burnout

Having a structured approach and being accountable are essential ingredients to becoming a successful leader in any space, and Sales Development is no exception. You might get plenty of great ideas from your mentors, but they alone cannot give you the inspiration you need to succeed in today’s highly changeable sales environment.

Without community, you end up working in isolation. However, success comes with spending time with successful people, preferably a lot of them. With the right community to lean on for ideas and support, you will always have fresh insights to discuss with your mentors. There will also be a greatly reduced risk of burnout, since you won’t always be working alone.

Community + consistency

…but no coaching

= following the crowd, but lacking your own goals

You can learn a lot from a professional peer community, and with a consistent strategy, you can also apply what you’ve learned. Unfortunately, without the right mentors, you will inevitably end up following the crowd and going with the flow. This means you’ll effectively lack your own goals, which should instead be tailored uniquely to the business you work for.

It is hard to maintain consistency if you’re relying only on a peer community. However, mentors give you a crucial point of reference that can help you distill your thoughts and ideas into plans of action. In other words, with the help of your mentors, you take what you’ve learned from your community and extract from those insights the individual objectives that matter most to you and your team.

How Tenbound can help

Tenbound takes the all-in-one approach to create success by offering:

  • Coaching – certified Tenbound coaches
  • Community – pre-screened peer community at 
  • Consistency – a proven Revenue Alignment process; The Tenbound Way 

Accelerate your Revenue Alignment program by joining today.

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