The Top 10 Highest Viewed on the Tenbound Youtube Channel

There’s a hunger in the market for high quality information about Sales Development.

However, why does a one sentence brain f#rt on Linkedin get 100,000 views and a well researched article which took hours to write get 34 views?

These are mysteries only known to God and the Algorithms.

In the meantime, we were curious about what you’re most interested in on the Tenbound Youtube channel, and have collected the most viewed video/audios right here for your enjoyment and education.

1. Sales Development Leadership Today, Andrew Berger, Square

2. From CEO to SDR Astronomical Growth Through Maniacal Focus on Sales Development, Henry Schuck, Discoverorg 

3. From $0 to $10MM in 2 Years Through Sales Development, Manny Medina, Outreach

4. SDR Messaging Break N’ Build #1 – Ryan Reisert, The Sales Developers and David Dulany, Tenbound

5. STOP hatin’ on SDRs and listen to this please! Sales Development Podcast, Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group

6. How Sales Development is Evolving, with Kristina McMillan, TOPO Inc 

7. Key Strategy or Functional Irrelevance: Which is YOUR SDR Team?, John Barrows, JBarrows  

8. Discover your Prospects’ Pain Points Sales Development Podcast, Scott Leese, Qualia /

9. Using Data and Analysis to Run Sales Development, Russ Hearl, Hire by Google

10. Doing Whatever It Takes to Succeed in Sales Development, The Sales Development Podcast, Brandon Bornancin,

Which one did you like the best?

Coming up next, the Top 10 most underviewed and underappreciated videos on the Tenbound Youtube Channel!  Stay tuned for that.

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David Dulany has built high-performance Sales Development programs for Glassdoor, OpenDNS, Infer and Act-On Software. At Tenbound, he helps companies start, optimize and turn around Sales Development programs. For more information, visit and

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