Understanding the Buyer’s Perspective in Outbound Sales

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In this conference talk, Tito Borht, CEO of AltiSales and renowned Sales Development expert, discusses the challenges of driving sales success in a down market and shares valuable insights on how to approach outbound sales effectively. Tito emphasizes the importance of understanding the buyer’s journey, particularly when targeting unaware prospects or those satisfied with their current solutions.

By shifting the focus from selling problems or solutions to providing knowledge and information, Tito outlines a tactical approach that enables sales professionals to engage prospects and drive meaningful conversations. With practical examples and best practices, Tito demonstrates how this approach can be applied in various industries beyond Sales Development.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey:

In this video, Tito Borht emphasizes the importance of grasping the buyer’s journey, especially in a down economy. He uses a graph to illustrate the stages of the journey, from the point of making a purchase back to being unaware of the problem. As the market shifts, fewer prospects are in the final stages of making a decision, and more have gone back a few steps in the journey.

The New Approach to Cold Outbound:

In a downturned economy, the traditional methods of product or problem-oriented pitches are less effective. Instead, Tito advocates for a knowledge-sharing approach, positioning himself as a consultant rather than a salesperson. By offering informational sessions and industry trends, he establishes himself as an expert in the field.

Crafting the Pitch:

Tito demonstrates how to structure a cold outbound call using a one-to-ten question scale to assess the prospect’s situation. The focus is on sharing best practices and industry knowledge rather than directly selling a solution. This method allows Tito to engage with prospects who might not be actively seeking a solution but can benefit from the information shared.

Collaboration with Sales:

Tito emphasizes the importance of aligning sales and sales development teams. Instead of rushing to close deals quickly, the aim is to nurture early-stage opportunities and gradually guide prospects through the buying process. This collaboration ensures a steady flow of prospects who might initially be unaware of their need for the product or service.


You need an innovative approach to cold outbound calls that provides Sales Development teams with a new perspective on engaging with prospects. By understanding the buyer’s journey and focusing on knowledge-sharing, companies can create opportunities where demand might be lower and ultimately win in a challenging economic climate.

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