Using AI in Sales Development Course

Sales Development Consulting

Course Curriculum: Leveraging AI for SDRs

Module 1: Introduction to AI in Sales Development (30 minutes)

Overview of AI and Its Role in Sales Development

  •  Brief introduction to the latest AI technologies.
  • Importance and benefits of AI in the Sales Development process.

Current AI Tools and Technologies

  •  Overview of popular AI tools used by SDRs.
  • Case studies of successful AI integration in sales processes.

Module 2: Researching Companies with AI (1 hour)

Using AI to Understand Market Trends

  • Tools for analyzing industry trends and market conditions.
  • Practical exercise: Participants use an AI tool to gather data on a specific market.

Deep Dive into Company Research

  • Techniques for using AI to gather detailed information about potential clients.
  • Interactive activity: Using an AI tool to create a company profile.

Module 3: Finding and Understanding Decision Makers (1 hour)

Identifying Key Contacts

  • How AI can help identify decision-makers within a company.
  • Interactive demo: Use an AI tool to identify key personnel in a case study company.

Understanding Decision Makers’ Needs

  •  Leveraging AI for social listening and sentiment analysis.
  • Group activity: Analyze the social media activity of a decision-maker to tailor a sales pitch.

Module 4: Acquiring Contact Information (30 minutes)

Effective Techniques for Gathering Contact Details

  • Tools and methods for finding email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Practical exercise: Use an AI tool to find contact information for contacts identified in Module

Module 5: AI-Driven Outreach Strategies (1 hour)

Crafting Personalized Messages

  • How AI can help tailor messages based on the recipient’s interests and business needs.
  • Hands-on activity: Create personalized email and LinkedIn outreach messages using AI insights.

Automation and Follow-up

  • Tools for automating outreach and managing follow-ups.
  • Role-play exercise: Implement an AI-driven follow-up strategy after an initial contact.

Conclusion and Q&A (30 minutes)

Summary of Key Takeaways

Open Floor for Questions

Feedback and Course Evaluation

Additional Course Features

Interactive Quizzes

Resource List – A list of AI tools, further readings, and tutorials for participants to explore after the course.

Live Demonstrations: Real-time demonstrations of AI tools throughout the course to show practical application.