Business leaders are saturated daily with incoming messages from AEs and SDRs.

The proliferation of messages makes it hard to stand out. Trends like personalization and “pattern breaking” help.

But what about your value prop? What if we can take lessons from ancient storytelling principles to drive interest in your company’s value prop or solution? In this session, you’ll learn how storytelling can help your sales and marketing teams articulate your value proposition in a successful and meaningful way that drives interest and, ultimately, revenue.

Things we’ll cover: A deep dive into the philosophical structure of a value proposition. How to structure outreach using ancient storytelling principles where narrative structure matters. How to identify and define the roles of Heros, Villains, and Guides in your buyer’s journey.

Dan Rood, LeadIQ Dan’s passion is the math and science of storytelling, the rhythms and tones of persuasive messaging, and building teams as a people leader. During his 18+ years of industry experience, Dan has worked alongside incredible professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds to create an orchestra of collaboration to persuade customers to buy products. His experience in clear, concise messaging and creative product marketing methodology has touched the minds and hearts of buyers at companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, American Express, Sprinklr, and Gladly.