Don’t make this one an after thought! Event-Marketing is a new infection idea that is growing new business! Mark Kilens brings his experience from Drift and now Airmeet on how to use the full potential of Event-led-growth right to your doorstep.

What does Event-Led-Growth encompass?

How do we use of Event-Led-Growth in combination with your team?

How do you build structures that AREN’T ambiguous and confusing?!

In-person, post-pandemic, hybrid live & online-events & co-sponsorship events can be tapped into while acquiring new leads, deepening engagement, and relationship building. Ultimately Event-Led-Marketing leads to new revenue.

Event-Led-Growth is:

  • A strategic imperative
  • Going-to & growing-new market places
  • Focusing on product-led growth
  • Data and high-interaction moments with new leads & relationships
  • Maximizing beyond sales-led growth

Event-Led Growth is not just a tactic, but a long term strategy. There is zero doubt you will walk away from this episode having a new perspective on event-marketing and be combining it within your current strategy.

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