Assessing your hiring strategy is the first step to diversifying your SDR team–but it’s just the first step.

Creating an inclusive culture that supports underrepresented groups and encourages ownership is key to maintaining a high-performing, diversified team where employees feel valued and supported.

From The Tenbound Conference in Austin Texas.

Join Krystelle Asaker as she shares ZoomInfo’s always-evolving approach to diversifying SDR success, along with tactical ideas to adopt for your own teams. Krystelle Asaker is a Senior Manager of Sales Development at ZoomInfo. She joined ZoomInfo through its acquisition of Chorus, where she served as the leader of the Sales Development Team. She is a mentor at Us In Tech and a leader of ZoomInfo’s Women in Sales Development Group. Krystelle is based out of Boston, Massachusetts and is currently pursuing her Masters in Management at Northeastern University.