The Sales Development Webinar

Quick Wins Now: Where Sales Teams Are Missing Revenue

At the end of the fiscal quarter, the sales floor generally erupts into a mad flurry of activity. Sales reps are pacing back and forth while on the phone, trying to get last minute deals to close and offering discounts to the customers still sitting on the fence.

If you are struggling to meet sales targets, are not alone. Data consistently shows that about half of all sales representatives miss their yearly quotas.

The truth is, some of these strategies are misguided. High pressure sales tactics give companies a bad reputation, and while discounting might work for the short-term, you can never discount your way into prosperity.

So, what’s the solution? We have asked two sales veterans with years experience of running sales floors, what are some non-traditional leads and revenue sources that can help close the quarter.

Howard Brown, Founding CEO of ringDNA, and David Dulany, Founding CEO of Tenbound, showed us the strategies that sales teams can tap into hidden revenue without discounting themselves out of the market:

• Non-traditional lead sources

• Other roles/people that can help

• How to leverage your sales compensation plan and bonuses

• Re-engage with past or lost opportunities