JR Butler at the Tenbound Sales Development Conference in Austin, Texas.

3 P’s, Passion for Excellence: a passion for being really good at fundamental skills, a passion to really understand what a good process looks like, and a passion to really understand your environment, meaning your customer’s world, your competitor’s world, and everything in between. And then the second piece is practicing a culture that supports practicing with intention. Like working on all phone skills, those habits, the process, and the environment. The third is pursuing goals. Because if you think about athletes, they do all those things, but not just athletes. the pursuit of goals is about being supportive of your team and having stuff that you’re all trying to accomplish together and all the things that come with accomplishing goals together.

JR Butler is the Founder and CEO of Shift Group, a sales recruiting and training firm that specializes in helping college, professional, and Olympic athletes transition into the world of Technology Sales. Prior to starting Shift Group, JR was Chief Revenue Officer at Pillir, a fast growth low code software company out of Arizona.

Prior to becoming a CRO, JR built and ran multiple sales teams at Turbonomic, helping the company go from a Series A startup to a $2B acquisition by IBM.