Rocketship: Building a High Performing Sales Development Culture

What is the secret to a consistently high performing Sales Development program? While the latest shiny tech object or hiring perk might seem the answer, it’s actually something few people speak of: Culture.

Join Tenbound, along with our esteemed panelists, Ralph Barsi – VP, Global Inside Sales at – and Jenny Poore – Senior Program Manager, Inbound at Sprout Social – to learn the specific tools and tactics you need to build a rocketship program at your company, including:

+ What is a high performance Sales Development culture?
+ How do you specifically build one?
+ What are the benefits of building one?
+ What are the pitfalls to avoid?

For C-Level Executives, Sales and Marketing Leaders, Sales Development Leaders, Team Leaders and Reps.

More Appointments. More Pipeline. More Sales.

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