In this edition of the Sales Tech Deep Dive, David Dulany and Nicolas De Kouchkovsky of CaCube Consulting explore the evolving landscape of sales technology with their guest, Mary Shea, PhD, and Co-CEO of Mediafly. The conversation starts with Mary’s insights on Mediafly’s history and its role in shaping the sales enablement category.

She discusses the company’s journey from serving media companies to becoming a leader in sales and revenue enablement. The conversation delves into Mediafly’s innovative approach to content management, the integration of artificial intelligence in sales processes, and the acquisitions that expanded their capabilities in value selling tools and revenue intelligence. Mary highlights the significance of understanding buyer behavior and adapting to digital-native buyers in the current economic environment.

The discussion also touches upon the unique trajectory of Mary’s career from an analyst to a co-CEO and the strategic decisions that have positioned Mediafly for growth amidst challenging market conditions. David and Nicholas probe into the specifics of Mediafly’s client engagement, focusing on the nature of inbound leads and the composition of buyer teams. This conversation offers a comprehensive look into the trends, challenges, and future directions in the world of sales technology.