In this episode of the Sales Tech Deep Dive host David Dulany is joined by Dominik Facher, Chief Product Officer at Zoominfo, and Nicolas De Kouchkovsky of CaCube Consulting, to do a deep dive on Zoominfo. The conversation delves into the evolution of Zoominfo, a pivotal player in the sales technology space, and its impact on modern sales strategies. Dominic outlines Zoominfo’s journey, beginning with its roots as DiscoverOrg, highlighting its focus on quality data and the evolution of its data sets, including the integration of intent data and advanced analytics.

The discussion sheds light on Zoominfo’s unique approach to solving critical sales and marketing challenges, such as identifying and engaging potential customers, harnessing the power of data orchestration, and leveraging AI to enhance go-to-market strategies. They also explore the importance of human elements in sales, despite advancements in technology and automation.

The conversation extends to Zoominfo’s acquisitions, illustrating its expansion into operations, talent acquisition and employer brand analysis. This episode provides a comprehensive understanding of how Zoominfo’s solutions are reshaping the sales technology landscape, offering valuable insights for sales and marketing professionals.