The New Normal Performance Agency Model for Sales Development

Forget the ‘new normal’. The real new normal is to run your sales orgs like a performance agency.

This means 3 things:

– You have a different lens around the frequency and how you optimize your sequences on a weekly or biweekly basis. You’re constantly looking at data, insights, and what’s not working and then optimizing in real-time.
– You automate things that should be automated (even behind the scenes) and un-automate the send-all.
– You harness LinkedIn and other non-traditional sources to drive significantly more leads as apart of your sequences.

Join Jake Dunlap as he reintroduces the ‘new normal’ for performance-driven Sales Development Leaders. He’ll walk through: practical examples of how to adjust your content based on data; simple yet automated sequences and when to interject human engagement; and he’ll show you how to do it all with the tools you have today. This is the REAL new normal.

More Appointments. More Pipeline. More Sales.

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