Cole Evetts (Quotapath), Sindre Haaland (SalesScreen), Steve Eror (Signals) MODERATOR: Derrick Williams (3Link Consulting)

Centralized revenue operations has gone from 15% to 40% in the SaaS world. Revenue operations isn’t just an organizational change. Instead, it should be a fundamental cultural change embedded across every single element of the company. They can aid sustainable business growth and sales increases by increasing resilience and ensuring that the right people, systems, and processes are in place for now and in the future.

Whether we’re working with micro start-up or an enterprise company, the importance of a well-functioning RevOps structure cannot be understated as critical for maximizing investments and streamlining processes. Especially as it relates to Sales Development.

A well-designed RevOps system can be crucial in ensuring SDRs are seamlessly spending their time doing the most important part of their job: having conversations with potential prospects. Steps Discussed map out the overall process identify any gaps and address them break down department silos ensure goals are aligned