David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound

We delve into the world of sales development and explore how professionals are leveraging people, processes, and technology in the current market to build predictable pipelines and revenue engines. With advancements in AI applications, we discuss the potential for SDRs to become superhuman by harnessing these technologies effectively. Rather than being replaced, SDRs must adapt and become more tech-savvy to thrive in a highly competitive landscape. We explore various AI tools, such as lead scoring and prioritization, personalized outreach, data enrichment and research, and automated follow-ups, that can revolutionize the way SDRs operate. These tools can optimize time management, enhance prospect targeting, and streamline repetitive tasks, allowing SDRs to focus on meaningful conversations and ultimately drive more pipeline and revenue. Join us to discover how AI is reshaping the sales development landscape and learn how you can become a superhuman SDR in this transformative era.