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What is the bottom line? Time is valuable. For everyone you know, that you cannot get your time back. So, how can your entire sales-team not lose a day-a-week to THIS ONE task? Think about this. You want to stop it, right? Sadly, this loss has likely been happening every week to every team-member, in your entire company thru no-fault of their own.

Yes, every week across your entire company.

Is the busywork of sales, killing your so salespeople’s days? Paper-work feels like a flush in our fast-paced environment. We need to focus on selling. What is the solution? What is the key to capturing meeting notes & customer data in real-time?

We know the work of NGOs, and startups, the energy doesn’t stop. This episode dives in with Eldad Postan-Koren CEO of WIN.AI. He notice a problem. He also wants to share the solution to save your team’s time.

“How can we create alignment between discovery, communication, and alignment of teams & clients?”

“How do we align CRMs, communications, Data capture for executives & leaders, and follow up and closing?”

Remove the manual tedious work that can add a day-a-week EACH week for your TEAM!

Solving problems. Using great tools. Using new ideas. Use the world’s first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers. Don’t lose. Add to your game with more quality follow-ups to increase your win rate.

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