In today’s digital environment, video is a powerful way to stand out with key accounts and to make them take notice. It can even make them smile, laugh, and say things like “wow, that was amazing, now I HAVE to learn more!”.

Take a break from all that talk about automation and advertising, and dive into the world of 1-to-1 video to see how to put the person back into personalization. Learn how to empower your outbound sellers to stand out with customized video content, and see some of the BEST and most creative examples of customized videos that others have used to flip their account engagement strategies from uninspired to irresistible. Sometimes the most effective strategies are the ones that can’t be automated.

Join Pete Mickartz, VP of Advisory, and Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing, to learn more!


Tenbound Webinar: Unifying Sales Dev and RevOps in a Remote Setting

Get your RevOps Onboard with Your Vision for Driving More Pipeline

Pitch Your Ideas to Peers
 – Easy, your team sees the world through
    your lenses
– Shared pain, shared goals
– Your team loves your initiative

Pitch to RevOps
– Rejected
Main reasons: Compensation & Solutions may sound like they’re due dating processes
– Different pains, goals
– Emotionally tied to their tech stack or data

RevOps Team
– get a pulse on the Sales Development Tech Stack industry
The challenge: how fast each segment in the industry is growing
– the people in charge of the Sales Development tech stack are the same people in charge of the Marketing tech stack

RevOps build tech stacks. It’s their beautiful baby. Proposing a new solution may sound like you’re overriding that. And that’s a difficult starting point.


Make Everyone Love the Idea as Much as You Do

  • Get that executive sponsorship right away
    – Which executive’s team is most likely to
     – Is there an executive charged with solving
       this “family” of problems?
     – Meet with the executive leaders one-on-
       one beforehand and align each
       stakeholder independently before the
      “big” alignment meeting
  • Getting the solution to work for both teams
    – What’s in it for you, why you feel it needs
       to happen, ask questions that lead into
       how it will help them as well
     – If you don’t know how it will benefit
       them, say so. But tell them you want the
       solution to work for both of you.
     – Any “interesting” MBOs/KPIs for your
       counterparts? Any active RFIs/RFPs
       related/similar to the problem?
  • Present a strong business case
    – Link to ROI
     – Solves an unsolved EXPENSIVE problem
       (not a duplicate technology)
     – Broad potential applications
     – Can be used across entire/multiple GEOs?

Note: Make it a point to understand the goals and metrics of people adjacent to your role (marketers, etc.). For each new manager, also try to understand their goals and what their compensation ties to.  

Crafting a Business Case
The pain point: Solving the Last Mile Problem
 – Getting all your leads (from an even or
   webinar, etc.) into your sales reps’ calendars
– Address the gap between first contact to
– Calculate value per meeting based on
  conversion rates
– Emphasize the size of the Last Mile Problem
  (the revenue lost from existing investments
  due to leads not converting to meetings) and
  how there can be less revenue loss with the
  new solution
– Apply the Calendar 1st Methodology to 2-5x
  the pipeline
Note: A/B Test between Nurture, Nurture, Calendar 1st vs. Calendar 1st
– Quick Cost-Benefit Analysis (always provide
  a range): Cost of Solution, Gain from the
  Solution, Total Exposure to Get to Proof
– Make recommendations to stakeholders or
  executives in a private setting before taking
  the recommendations in a bigger setting

For further reading on Business Cases: Creating Bulletproof Business Cases by Elizabeth Larson

  • What if you’re an individual contributor who wants to adopt a new solution?
    The same principles apply. Approach with formulated arguments around why a solution should be considered. Leverage one-on-ones. People are more likely to be honest in one-on-one settings.
  • What is the best way to repair a failed experiment after being shot down in the past?
    Try not to damage the relationship in the first place by not taking the first rejection personally. Ops are generally not mean people, they are stressed. There are also sets of formulae to decide taking vs. rejecting investments. It all comes down to a math equation where the other options on the table have higher returns.
    2. The best defense is a good offense through preparation and good stakeholder management. You need to have executive sponsorship.
    3. Have some humility.