There’s an old axiom in business that says “nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

No customer success can happen until there’s a customer. No money can be counted and no invoices sent without a transaction. No trade shows are funded, no salary payments made, no catered lunches. Until there’s a signed contract and next sales transaction is done, nothing happens.

Each day we read about companies with massive funding and a great idea that quietly fold or are purchased for a hugely discounted price in what’s described in a myriad of ways but what it comes down is one thing: they didn’t sell enough. 

In an office somewhere around the globe there sits someone with an amazing product that can definitely change lives for the better that is slowly wilting under the hot glow of time. The product may be great and the team may be amazing but if nobody is selling anything the company is slowly dying.

But where do sales start and where does sales come from? Unless the product is completely frictionless and can be purchased online, even large purchases it requires some sort of conversation with a human being. 

This conversation could be live on the phone, it could be over chat, it could be over text messages but at the end of the day some sort of human interaction must take place.

And so, companies that want to create new sales must forge conversations. In order to do so they do their best marketing, branding, community building, content production and other ways to get people interested in initiating those conversations. 

All of those methodologies, while scalable repeatable and leveraged, can eventually run out of steam. You can tweak the funnel, throw money at Google ads, write the most amazing content and have the most amazing marketing on earth, but eventually the conversations stop and the sales start to level off. 

And now, we must go outbound and reach out to people who have never heard of us and are not in our funnel yet. 

Enter cold email. 

People still live in their email inbox, checking it hundreds of times every day. As you walk to get coffee, go into meetings, or even wake up in the morning in bed, despite the advent of other communication mechanisms, email still reigns supreme in business. 

And we’re not the only people that know this. Open your email and you have hundreds of messages every day coming in, from newsletters, to blog follows and other unsolicited attempts for your attention. These are from all the people that are trying to go outbound and get something going so that they can have more conversations and more sales this is cold email. Just exactly like what you’re doing. 

The reason that you get so many emails every day is because people need to make sales, and in order to get those sales they need to have conversations, and in order to get those conversations they need to contact you with their exciting and life changing value prop.

The question is how can you get people to respond so that you can start that conversation? 

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