We are excited for the upcoming Tenbound Sales Development Conference focused on Revenue Alignment. So much so that we’ve decided to share 4 of the top pieces of advice from the last 3 years around this important topic.

1. How to position SDRs as the most critical role in the revenue operations

Don Otvos shared his strategy for coordination with the Sales Development team and why it is critical to the success of his overall RevOps strategy.

2. Driving Revenue Alignment through Sales Development

David Dulany from Tenbound, and Kyle Coleman, SVP of Revenue and Marketing at Clari, covered the tenants behind driving Revenue Alignment through Sales Development. Throughout the conversation, the duo unveiled the key forces that empower leading organizations to accelerate sales and revenue growth. They discussed 3 Key Factors that Drive Revenue Alignment:

1. Cross-Departmental Coordination
2. Looking Down the Funnel
3. Onboarding Unique Perspectives

3. Why You Should Build Your Go-To-Market Team Around Your Customer’s Journey
Most GTM teams are still contained in individual units or struggling to communicate with one another to discover the customer journey.

Without a deep understanding of the customer journey, it’s difficult to align to provide the value customers expect and to provide a seamless experience. To ensure success with your product or service, building your go-to-market team around your customer’s journey is key.

4. What is a Chief Revenue Officer?
CRO Darryl Praill and Tenbound CEO David Dulany sat down to break down how a CRO should operate today – highlighting how to unify marketing, sales and success into one coherent Revenue unit.

Join the Top Minds in Revenue Alignment on September 8th at Tenbound’s next Virtual Conference!

At this Free event we’ll be covering everything you need to rev up your cross-functional, go-to-market teams by synchronizing pipeline and revenue generation. Attendees will learn from top names in the industry on a strategic and tactical level how to actually do Revenue Alignment vs just talking about it. Focusing on alignment can increase pipeline and revenue, and enhance their careers as revenue professionals. For more info and free registration click here.

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